Introducing Rosita Bonita – The Toledo Collection

Rosita Bonita is an independent designer with a speciality in leather jewellery. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in her East London studio, beginning as original illustrations which are then screen-printed or foil-embossed onto fine leathers & carefully assembled into unique & collectable treasures. Inspired by a glamorous fantasy of past times & faraway lands, from stage sets & costumes from Hollywood’s golden era, carnivals & magic shows, the vintage graphics of posters & packages & the icons of myth & legend, Rosita Bonita aims to design striking but wearable pieces to bring a touch of the frivolous fun of dressing up into everyday life.

Rosita Bontia

New for Autumn/Winter 2013, The Toledo Collection is an elegant, yet playful take on the traditional damascene jewellery of Spain & Japan. Delicate illustrations fusing the two styles are embossed in shining gold foil onto smooth, lightweight leather in bold Black & regal Ox Blood, & dressed with golden chains & swinging tassels.

Medallion Bollo and Coin Disc Drop Earrings

A versatile, unisex piece, this bolo can be worn as a tie, or a necklace. The leather medallion is foil – embossed with a pair of golden birds framed by an ornamental hoop and mounted on a gold plated slider, on a braided leather bolo cord with graduated golden tips.

Creole Earrings in Bold Black
Fan Empress Collar
Medallion Bollette and Large Hoop Earrings


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