Three Facts About Pencils

Looking for the perfect stylish pencil to add to your pencil case, or give your office desk a bit of flair. Look no further! Contemporary stationery brand Ola make some of our much loved notebooks and wrapping papers and they have now applied their great eye for design to pencils!

These cleverly designed pencils are colour coded, which makes them easy to recognise when they are stood in the pencil pot. Never reach for the wrong pencil again! We have three grades 3H, HB and 3B and each grade comes in a pack of three. Below we have put some handy facts explaining these three grades and what they are best suited for.

First up we have the 3H. This is the hardest of the collection. Pencils along the H scale stand for hard. This means they have more clay than soft graphite in the core. This gives you a harder pencil which results in a finer, lighter line. The hardness also minimises smudging which makes this pencil great for everyday writing or simple sketching.

Next up is the HB. This trusty pencil is what most people are familiar with. It has equal measure graphite and clay, giving you a middle tone line which is softer than a 2H, but harder than a 2B. The H standing for hard and B standing for bold. An all round pencil, great for everyday writing and sketching.

Lastly we have the 3B. This is the softest of the collection, having more soft graphite than harder clay in the core. This gives you a softer darker line. Great for expressive sketching or shading and will smudge easier, allowing for interesting mark making.

We hope this has inspired you to explore writing and drawing with pencils. Don’t forget if you need a notebook we also have a great selection. Come visit us in our Stoke Newington store or online and find the perfect gift.

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