Just A Card

We have been hearing and listening and watching the Just A Card campaign that has been moving around and making some noise recently. The idea behind the campaign is to bring awareness to how much even the smallest purchases, like a card, can make a huge difference to small businesses.

We have been thinking about how this fits into what’s happening at Of Cabbages and Kings. The shop has been in business for 7 years now. We’re lucky as enough people came and bought just a card to support us and help us grow through some extremely difficult times. Those cards add up to something more significant and we’d like to say a big thanks to those Stokey locals who kept coming back and buying ‘just a card’ over the years. While we’re now past the point where the purchase of a card can make a big difference in the daily or weekly takings, we do remember those days.

However, Of Cabbages and Kings does not exist in isolation. The truth is that selling ‘just a card’ is still important to our business, because it makes a big difference to the artists and makers who’s work we carry. Cards help spread a name, a brand, an idea or aesthetic and it is often the selling cards that allows the artist create their individual paintings, prints and illustrations. The cards that we sell are often miniature versions of bigger pieces of artwork, as in the case with Mister Peebles, who produces their illustrations in many sizes, from cards up to A3. For other brands like Mardy Mabel with her pithy text, cards are created as unique pieces and form the backbone of the business.



We support the Just A Card campaign because it supports artists, makers and independent businesses that make up the Of Cabbages and Kings shop, community, friends and customers.

Join the conversation using hashtag #Justacard


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